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“I like that it is not a known award.  You go about your life and if you keep doing things the right way, good things will happen to you.  That is what happened here today.”                           

 Stephen Carey -Principal Saint Oscar Romero Catholic Secondary School

Two students have been selected and have received their awards!

Two students have been selected and have received their awards!

Two students have been selected and have received their awards!

Two students have been selected and have received their awards!

Two students have been selected and have received their awards!


Award Recipients

Award recipients are  expected to write a letter generally describing how the money was used and the impact of winning the award had on them.  


Letters 2020-2021

Prior to this award I have no phone and most of my schoolmates can attest to that, and this Compass award was dedicated to this phone (iPhone 12) as advised by my father.  My father promised to help me pay off the outstanding balance whenever the award payments stop.

This award has enhanced my network connectivity with my friends and schoolmates which has enabled me to text, call and send quick emails of my schoolwork on the go and schoolwork questions and get immediate responses towards me completing clarifications necessary for my school program.

Currently, I have accepted my admission offer from the University of Ottawa to study Civil Engineering and I have a brand-new phone (i Phone12), to help me to navigate my way through my schooling and my  future studies with my profession.

Before this Award, I have no Bank Account because the bank had explained to my father that I need to be a joint account holder with my father, but my father wanted my personal financial management but with this award and being that I clocked 17 years it became an opportunity for me to have an Account solely operated by my me alone and learn about prudent financial planning and honest use of my Funds.

With this account facilitated by this award, I have now used the same Account for my University education.

I really appreciated this Compass Award and I say a big thank you.

Thank you, I am honored to have been selected as a recipient of this award. This financial support has been very helpful to my family and I. With this award I have been able to pay for my post-secondary applications. This award has also helped in supporting my family by paying for food and transportation when we really needed it.

I am truly grateful to have received this award because it meant that I can assist my family with financial needs and that I could pay for my post-secondary fees. This award also meant that I had support for my final year of high school with less stress and that the hard work that I put in over the years meant something.

I was completely surprised when I heard the news that I will be receiving The Compass Award, and I am immensely grateful for The Compass Award Team as well as my school which decided I was the best suited candidate to win this award.  I have put the money towards purchasing a new laptop which I plan on using throughout university. 

The money has tremendously helped as without it I wouldn’t be able to afford a quality laptop that is capable of handling the amount of work I will be putting in.  For that reason I am grateful for receiving this award as the funds provided will be part of the reason I make it through and graduate university.

I am incredibly grateful to have won the Compass Award. It has not only impacted my life financially but has also impacted my outlook on everyday life.

Winning the Compass Award has taught me that the type of person I am and the things I do when I do not think anyone cares or is paying attention do not go unnoticed. Being recognized like this has made me strive to be a better person every day. I now make a greater effort to always be generous and understanding around others, no matter the circumstance.

The award money I received has helped and continues to help funding multiple aspects of my teenage life. It has also taken a bit of stress off my family financially, which is quite relieving to me. So far, I have used some of the money to pay for driving school and university applications, and it came in handy because these are not usual expenses any other year. I will use the remainder of the money in the near future as spending money as I am playing travel baseball this summer away from home.

I would like to thank everyone on the Compass Award Team for creating this award, as it has made a difference in multiple aspects of my life this year. It brings great joy to me to be recognized for what the award stands for!